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Put your confidence in us to guide you through your island move

Moving to or from the Hawaiian islands is a different task than moving anywhere else in the country. If you're planning a move to the islands, it's essential to have the proper guidance and help along the way to ensure you get settled into your new home comfortably, efficiently, and safely.


As island moving specialists, we're prepared to offer high-quality moving services that guide you from planning and coordinating your move, to handling the transportation of your belongings.

Are you returning to the mainland?

If you have decided to leave the islands and return to the mainland, you can trust our fast and reliable team. We will help you organize and streamline your move so you can focus on other aspects of starting your next chapter.

Let us handle the details for you

 •  Local moves

 •  Office relocations

 •  Inter-island moving


Are you moving a business?

Relocating your business has its own special requirements and considerations. Let us take the hassle out of transferring your business to your new location so you can get back up and running quickly.


Commercial moves can be carried out according to your schedule and we are available for after hour moves. We can also perform the move in a series of phases in order to provide you with the most convenience.






You can put your trust in our A+ Better Business Bureau rated company to handle your move seamlessly.

Give us a call today to discuss your Hawaiian island move.

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A+ Better Business Bureau rated company!

  •  Short/long term storage  

  •  Business record storage

  •  Mainland relocations


45 day courtesy storage in Honolulu

for qualified moves